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Building any kind of solid foundation is difficult, especially when it comes to better models of society, financial and legal structures. If done properly and with awareness of the dangers of history, it takes years of research and countless versions and re-works, to even come close to true answers. The alternative is unfinished and dangerously unpolished models that can (and have) throughout history caused vastly more harm than good. But after three decades, the hardest work is done and the Ucadia model is ready.

A way through to help save and make a better world

The Issues that plague the world seem at times impossible to fathom, much less conceive that there might be actions toward a solution. Indeed, modern societies are extremely complex organisms with a huge number of critical components, such that if one or more are out of balance, the entire living organism of civilisation is in jeopardy.

Yet the truth is that many of the greatest issues facing us today are in fact symptoms of a deeper underlying chronic illness within the very fabric of society. Put simply, if the founding documents of a society are built on racism, sexism, slavery or elitism, then no matter how enlightened and noble a generation may be, it only takes a generation for such a society to slip back hundreds of years to its primary model of darkness.

Ucadia Foundation helping make Ucadia a reality

The Ucadia Foundation exists to help implement practical, sensible, logical and achievable actions to solve many of the issues that face people and society. Such solutions are based on the recognition that the Ucadia Model is able to present superior solutions to the structural corruptions and weaknesses at the heart of modern societies.

By addressing and fixing these chronic illnesses of society, the symptoms (issues) can also be cured. Some of the information on this site is to assist you in better seeing how this is possible. To that end, we have outlined many of the issues facing the world today and offered a range of example actions to address these issues, based on the implementation of elements of Ucadia.

Ucadia Foundation