Support Now

As of July 2020, there are three very practical ways you can help support Ucadia and the Ucadia Foundation. To meet this goal and to help, the three ways are:
1. Register as a Guest and make a general donation; or
2. Register as a Guest and support a specific activity; or
3. Purchase one or more of the Ucadia works on Any or all of these ways will help bring Ucadia Communities to life.

Make a general donation

If you wish to make a general donation to support the work of the Ucadia Foundations, please register as a guest and follow the simple steps provided for making donation.

Become a Sponsor of a Specific Activity

If you wish to sponsor one of the specific activity projects underway to help bring Ucadia Communities to life, then please select the project you wish to sponsor and the amount.

Purchase a Ucadia work on

If you wish to support by purchasing one or more of the Ucadia texts available via Ucadia Books, please click here and go to the website.

Thank you!

Thank you! Whatever you choose to do, we appreciate your time and support is precious. The fact that you have already taken the time to read about the Ucadia Foundation and some of the actions we will be able to address through the growth of the Ucadia communities is already a wonderful gift of your time. In these difficult times, we wish you, your friends and family stay in the best of possible health and safety.