Our Standards

Ucadia Foundation membership is distinct and separate to Ucadia Society Membership. Ucadia Foundation members exist to serve and support Ucadia Society Members, especially in ensuring the strongest ethical foundations and growth possible. As a consequence, the standards and calling to be a member of a Ucadia Foundation is much higher than just joining as a Ucadia Member.

Ucadia Foundation Membership requires strong knowledge

Ucadia Foundation Membership requires candidates who apply to meeting certain minimum criteria, including (but not limited to):

+ completion of one or more courses, or purchases of Ucadia Model materials; and
+ disclosure of general competence in Ucadia; and
+ strong knowledge and affinity with the moral principles and teachings underpinning Ucadia.

Ucadia Foundation Membership is a solemn obligation

Ucadia Foundation Membership is a solemn obligation to honour the constitution and bylaws of the particular Ucadia Foundation and to honour the covenants and principles of Ucadia Societies.

This is reflected in the process of applying and being accepted as a member right through to the acceptance process and oath of a Ucadia Foundation member.

Ucadia Foundation Membership is a real Commitment

Ucadia Foundation Membership is a real commitment and self sacrifice. The level of commitment must be a clear condition of acceptance.

For example, Ucadia Foundation members cannot directly or indirectly own shares in any of the entities they assist in establishing or managing. This ensures “clean hands” at all times.

Thus, for some, this standard of fiduciary standards and commitment is not for them. That is not a reflection of those who are not able to be Ucadia Foundation members, but more on the complete commitment to ensuring the present and future success of Ucadia Societies and related bodies.

Ucadia Foundation Membership is a proper attitude of Service

Ultimately, Ucadia Foundation Membership is a proper attitude of service to all Ucadia Members as a representative, as a servant not as a member of an elite few.

Ucadia Foundation membership requires humility and being fully aware of the dangers of ego. This is exemplified in the founder who has honoured his commitment in ensuring the proper legal transfer of ownership of Ucadia to core legal entities capable of enforcing their international rights; and the trademarking of key service and trade marks of Ucadia to protect against misuse; and in relinquishing any claim of financial ownership or compensation for over thirty years of work.

As has always been stated, Ucadia is and was always intended as a gift.

One must first be a redeemed Ucadia Member to qualify to becoming a Ucadia Foundation member

A key condition to being a Ucadia Foundation Member is first to be a Ucadia Member.

Key Points

  • Membership to Foundation is separate and distinct from being a member of Ucadia Society
  • To be a member is a commitment to the goals of Ucadia
  • Ucadia Foundation members must function with the highest standards