Ucadia Registers System

The Ucadia Registers System (URS) (as first defined by the Sacred Covenants, Texts and Maxims of Law of Ucadia) is the most comprehensive and definitive system of Rights, Property, Persons and Personal Jurisdiction.

What are Registers?

A valid Register is a book of tables recording one or more entries of statements, testimonies or memoranda concerning Sacred Circumscribed Space under Ucadia Law as to: (1) jurisdiction and authority; or (2) properties or attributes; or (3) rights of use; or (4) the memorial of events; or (5) memorial of transactions.

Authority & Creation of Registers

The Authority to form a Register is defined by the limits of Authority of the constituting Instrument of the relevant Trust or Estate or Fund or Corporation that the Register relates.

The Rights, Powers and Property prescribed within a Register cannot exceed the Rights, Powers and Property of the Trust or Estate or Fund or Corporation itself.