Ucadia Foundation

About Our History

The journey and history associated with the Ucadia Foundation and the re-launch of this website is one that began more than thirty years ago with the idea of Ucadia and more than twenty years ago with the publication of the first Ucadia book entitled Unique Collective Awareness ™.

A constant commitment to finding and sharing truth

The commitment to finding, connecting and sharing important knowledge and truth is and has always been a central moral theme of Ucadia since its inception. Yet when in 2009 the Ucadia Online Communities and Content Sites were fully launched, two issues quickly became apparent: (1) That more time needed to be taken to improve the presentation, access and context of critically important knowledge; and (2) Without a proper infrastructure behind the publication and management of such information, the whole endeavour and mission of Ucadia could become misconstrued, misrepresented and even fail.

Many of Ucadia texts have been updated on Ucadia.Com

The fine tuning and improvement of the various texts and components of Ucadia has taken considerably longer than initially expected. If you visit Ucadia Books, even now, you can see that the publication launch dates for some components are months away. However, much has also been published and is available to read and review. It was also vital to see the fulfilment of the promise of ensuring the legal structures concerning Ucadia were properly implemented. The infrastructure and financial model now put in place has the potential to ensure Ucadia Books will be able to grow, to sustain and continue to ensure Ucadia information is available for generations to come.

Having the right infrastructure in place

The other major lesson over the past five years is the absolute necessity to have minimum infrastructure in place in order for people who are accepted to join the Ucadia Foundation are then able to best utilise their skills, talents and enthusiasm. In the coming weeks, you will see these components becoming available through this site and the family of re-launched Ucadia sites.

Chronology of Events

  • 1998: First publication Unique Collective Awareness™
  • 1999: Ucadia.com registered
  • 2004: Ucadia Books formed in Australia
  • 2004: Publications Little Book of Awareness and Logos
  • 2009: Ucadia Online Communities and Content Launched
  • 2016: Ucadia Online Communities and Content Temporarily Cease
  • 2018: Ucadia Books Company (US) formed
  • 2018: Ucadia Foundation Trust Formed
  • 2020: Ucadia.org and Ucadia websites relaunched