Ucadia Foundation

About Our Mission

The Ucadia Foundation and related associations exist to help nurture and grow Ucadia communities, build and exist as a bridge between Ucadia and non-Ucadia societies, advance and promote new ideas and support of equality of justice reform, positive social change, fairer economic access and essential human rights protection.

Help nurture and grow Ucadia communities

The Prime Mission of the Ucadia Foundation is to help nurture and grow Ucadia communities formed in accord with the Constitutional Charters for the Ucadia regional bodies. Wherever Ucadia members exist in sufficient numbers, a Ucadia Foundation needs to be formed to help ensure the proper formation of Ucadia bodies and to ensure Ucadia members have access to practical services where they live.

Be the bridge between Ucadia and Non-Ucadian Societies

The Ucadia Foundations exist as the “bridge” between Non-Ucadian Societies and formed Ucadia societies, especially in ensuring there is access to much needed services and support.

Build core service entities to support Ucadia members

The Ucadia Foundations are responsible for helping build core service entities in support of Ucadia Members in each location and that such associations, companies and charities operate to the highest standards.

Objectives 2020/21

  • Complete Online Ucadia Communities Portals
  • Complete Ucadia Online Markets/Financial Systems
  • Raise Budget to market/implement technology
  • Establish Foundations in at least 20 countries
  • Establish Ucadia communities in each country where Foundation operating
  • Ensure Online Ucadia Communities Portals fully operational
  • Establish core service businesses in each country where authorised Ucadia community exists
  • Introduce Ucadia Online Markets/Financial Systems
  • Generate US$2m in member transactions through Ucadia Online Markets/Financial Systems